5 Sites You Will Find Your Slavic Soul Mate On Without Breaking A Sweat

Marrying a Russian woman is a trend today. Many Americans as well as Europeans prefer Slavic vixens over anyone else. But why?

There are, actually, series of reasons to why certain types of men prefer beauties from Ukraine, Russia or Belarus. Some might find them bizarre or irrelevant but hey, who are we to judge the taste of others? We will be dealing with facts here. Straight and forward!

Why are Slavs so in demand?

First and foremost, former USSR countries are insanely patriarchal to this very day. Women are expected to be wives and mothers, not leaders or innovators. Several countries have been in this state for millennia. No wonder people are used to this order of things.

Such a mindset gave men from all around the world quite a few reasons to date and even marry Slavs using Kovla services. Here they are:

  • These girls had no chance but to embrace their more feminine side. Today not a single one of them can picture her life without a husband or children.
  • They want to get married. Competition is high and these femme fatales were left with no choice but to look the best they can. They pay a lot of attention to appearances.
  • Even in schools, these little charmers are taught about cooking, cleaning, and household. Slavs are perfect housewives.

To make the long story short, Russian chicks are the perfect wife material for those who cherish good old family values from the fifties.

Russian Dating

Top 5 dating sites

If you are a man with these kinds of preferences (I know I am), here are five proven websites just for you:

  1. These guys are known for perfect profile and background checks. There’s little to no chance you will be opening your heart to an internet troll or a fraud. If you are looking for an exquisite treat of belarusian brides on, this place is for you.
  2. Russian Cupid. Matches are reviewed for free, the site is backed with trustworthy piers, and advanced messaging features are available. What else does your heart desire? The site is the very definition of fast, safe and simple online dating. Do note that the brides on this resource are somewhat spoiled with attention already.
  3. This site is proud with exquisite live communication. Most of the users speak English fairly well, meaning you won’t face lingual or cultural barriers. The registration process is somewhat long and tiresome.
  4. Looks do matter. This site is prominent with advanced levels of Slavic beauty. Only the prettiest girls have their profiles approved here. You might face series of temper issues, however. Additionally, the odds are you will be treated as a VISA provider slash money bag here. A fair combination of a pretty face and a kind heart is somewhat rare here. But it doesn’t mean you should stop trying.
  5. This site is known for advanced girl profile checks. Not everyone is allowed for access. The ladies here are both pretty and charming. Most of them speak English fairly well, which is a plus. There is a con – their determined picky procedures have left them with a rather poor database.

The rest is up to you, my friend. Enjoy your happily ever after!

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