6 Reasons Some People Succeed On Tinder And Others Don’t (Regardless Of The Look!)


I still don’t know why most people don’t admit being on Tinder or having gone on a date with someone from there.  It’s where many people find success nowadays! If you’re single, and you’re looking for a partner, be it husband material or someone to spend some time with, there’s no better use of your free time than exploring the never-ending number of new people around you. In fact, this one app is completely changing the way we date.

But while some succeed, many don’t. You might get discouraged at first. Maybe you think it’s because of your looks. Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s not.

In fact, my top 3 dates ever were with men you can’t call sexy or way too handsome. Rather, I gave them a chance because they initiated the conversation and kept it going. They weren’t afraid to ask for what they want and turned out to be incredibly interesting personalities. This resulted in making them charming in my eyes. And charm beats beauty.

Stop obsessing over the competition and check out the 6 reasons below to learn what leads to success on Tinder.


1. More Time Equals More and Better Results.

If you want to reach your goals in life, you must invest time and be consistent in your practice. This is what you must do to be successful in online dating.

You can’t expect to find the hottest guy or girl in the city after 3 swipes or start to wonder if your standards aren’t high.

There’s the opposite scenario too. I know some people who think their dates should come to them and refuse to spend time (even if it’s 5 minutes) using a dating app. Well, no wonder they don’t find anyone anytime soon. Waiting won’t do. You need to be out there.

2. The Power of the Profile Picture.

Here are the two profiles that grab my attention (good or bad):

There’s the guy who has a low-quality picture. They put no thought into making it. It takes my brain less than a second to decide I’m pretty sure I don’t want to see the other photos.

Then, there’s that one guy (doesn’t happen often), whose picture is positive, unusual, or even makes me smile. I then stop swiping to check out his profile. These pictures rarely lie or disappoint. His or her description usually complements the image of the person. I then have the urge to speak with them and learn more about him.

That’s the power of a single picture. So make sure you do it right.


3. Pretending to Be Someone Else Won’t Have a Lasting Effect.

There are some people on Tinder who seek attention and use anything but their real personality to get it. It’s usually a stupid method. Some Tinder users use babies or pets (even if they aren’t yours), to appear sweet or even a photo of them cooking, although they have never cooked in their life. But fake is desperate, and the ladies can feel that from afar.

Even if we are attracted in the beginning, after a few chats we’ll see the real you and it will have nothing to do with the man from the profile. So don’t waste your time. And if there’s anything in your profile that isn’t part of the real you but is just there to impress, remove it right away. It never works. Even if it does, it will be for a short time and will attract the wrong type of guys or girls.


4. Constantly Optimize Your Approach.

Some things will work, others won’t. If you keep track of your progress, you’ll master the game and will match with the right people. But it’s important to keep your eyes open for tendencies. See how others react to what you say.


5. Don’t Be Boring.

Boring is the opposite of sexy, even online. In fact, people can feel whether or not you’re boring from the profile itself. If they don’t, they’ll definitely see it during a conversation. That usually doesn’t lead to an actual meeting. Be yourself. Know your strengths, but be okay with your weaknesses too. Confidence is knowing your worth and not being afraid to aim higher. So do exactly that. Also, be direct. Ask unusual questions, not the standard ones that everyone’s expecting. Find common ground from at the start of your conversation. That will start the chat in a positive way. Talk with passion, tell stories, and show that you’re genuinely interested in learning more about their interests.


6. Meet Sooner.

The only Tinder experiences I regret are the ones where we were chatted for more than a week, sometimes even longer. Meeting came up many times during communication, but neither one of us seriously popped the question. Eventually, we stopped keeping in touch, although we both knew there was hope. So, when you find someone interesting, meet them as soon as possible. The worst case is that you’ll understand you’re not a good fit for each other. You can even FaceTime with your date before meeting up.


Over to you now…How can you level up your Tinder game?

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