7 Ways to Hack Online Dating With OkCupid’s A-List


Online dating often sucks. It’s filled with scams and promises that the sites never seem to be able to keep.

Quick note: I am not affiliated with OkCupid. I merely want to show the world that OkCupid trumps most online dating sites. It gets even better when you’re willing to shell out a few dollars a month. Below are a few reasons why you should become an A-List member, so you can finally have some success on an online dating website.

1. It’s Cheap

There’s no guilt purchasing an OkCupid A-list membership. The other sites out there are absolute garbage. They are not worth the price (JDate), and I would have to venture to say that having a regular OkCupid membership is better than the majority of the paid sites. Below are some example pricing.

Jdate — What a f***king rip-off

jdate pricing


OkCupid — Now we’re talking!

okcupid a-list pricing




2. Mass Message Storage


How annoying is it when your message storage fills up, and then you have to manually delete them. It’s tedious work. With A-List membership this rarely occurs. OkCupid provides you with a storage up to 5,000 messages.


okcupid a-list



3. Filters Will Find You Beauty

A-List membership gives you access to exclusive filters. These filters will save you so a ton of time when searching for beautiful men or women. Browsing by far takes the longest amount of time when using online dating.

Whether you’re into fit, skinny and athletic guys or girls or maybe you have a thing for large guys or girls these filters will be a lifesaver.

 okcupid a-list filter



4. Avoid The Dreaded Beautiful Profile Photo

How annoying is it to see someone’s profile thinking they are attractive but only to realize they are far from it? A-List membership provides you the enhanced filter by attractiveness feature. Again saving you quite amount of time.



okcupid a-list filter



5. Hello Blackberry like features!


I love how OkCupid gives you the ability to see whether someone has read your message. Now you can stop sending 20 messages to a guy/girl wondering if they had read it. However, if you do have A-List membership and you continue to send out mass messages to a single person then you should probably evaluate yourself and your life.


okcupid a-list



6. It always feels good to know you’re are liked


Knowing whether someone likes you does take the guessing work out of the picture.


okcupid a-list



7. Creep Factor


How shitty is it when you look at someone’s profile 10+ in a day, then realize they were able to see you each time you had visited… Well now with A-Lister capabilities that’s A-okay! Just enable invisible browsing and you can be as creepy as you would like. But in all seriousness please don’t.


okcupid a-list



What Are You Waiting For? Become an A-List Member Here.


*Again I am not affiliated with OkCupid. However, if OkCupid would like to pay me I would be willing to take their money. Feel free to contact me here. This post is 100% serious and OkCupid rocks.


Image Courtesy of Thirty Or Something

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