7 Ways Online Dating is as Simple as Ordering Dinner



Meeting a guy has never been easier–only a swipe right away. It’s almost as easy as ordering food from Here are 7 ways online dating is as simple as ordering dinner.


Step 1: Know your type What am I in the mood for tonight? Chinese? Indian? Tacos perhaps? I could go with the $10 Lo Mein or maybe I want to splurge on the Sushi Deluxe platter for $25…

OkCupid: Am I in the mood for someone athletic and fit or someone to snuggle with? It’s cold tonight and I also don’t want him to be skinnier than me! He’s got to be over 6 feet though. all restaurants


Step 2. How Far Are You Willing to Go for Love (or a Decent Meal)? I can either order from my favorite place in Chelsea and wait 55 minutes, or I can order from the super quick Chinese guy down the street and get my dinner in 20.

Tinder: Josh is so hot but 15 miles away. Do I really want to deal with that?  Jason looks decent and is in walking distance to my apartment. That sounds a whole lot better to me! Oooh Sam’s cute too, but he’s all the way in Canada! How did I even get matched with him? Though I do like a good accent…


tinder discovery settings


3. First Impression This menu is confusing and the food doesn’t look that appetizing!

OkCupid: Why are all these pics taken in either a car or a public restroom? Don’t these guys have any friends? 

Ooh, got a message…  “Hey girl, U down to f**k?”  

[sigh] This may be harder than I anticipated.


4. Pick-up or Delivery? It’s too cold outside for pickup, but then again I could use the exercise.

Tinder: I really need to get off this couch–all I do is stay home and swipe! Should I actually go out to the bar tonight with my friends and meet someone IRL? Do I even possess social skills anymore?


5. Satisfaction Level UGH why did I order the double cheese deep dish pizza AND the calzone AND the caesar salad?????! Get me the TUMS and Pepto STAT!!

Hinge: Thank god that date is over. He just talked about himself the entire date AND looked nothing like his pictures. Ugh, where’s the wine?


6. My Post Meal/Date Review That Pad Thai was amazing, and the Delivery guy was so friendly–5 stars for sure!! Wow, that date couldn’t have gone any better! This could really be the ONE! I gotta call my mom and tell her all about her potential future son-in-law.


7. Refer a Friend Order Promo : $13 Refer a Friend Bonus + 25% Off

OkCupid: “Hey John– Loved meeting you last night. Random question–do you have any hot guy friends (don’t worry, not for ME lol) I want to hook up my cute friend, Sarah. I thought maybe we can double!”




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