Bernie Sanders’ Dank Meme Singles


Bernie Sanders’ Dank Meme Singles has exploded! There are over 7,000 members in the facebook group and the official site is currently offline, as its servers are overloaded. The facebook group is extremely active, with hundreds of new selfies and memes coming in every hour. You can join below.

People from all over the country are joining the new site. Hailie Hillhouse, a young Bernie supporter had said, “Its much easier to get to know someone if you already know they have similar beliefs about how government should be run.” “And who doesn’t love dank memes?”


Here are the rules to join:


Do you love Bernie? Do you need a lover? Let’s play! (But play by the rules. This isn’t a lawless land of love.) 

1. No nudity/dick pics. Common decency and all that? Punishment is immediate kick/ban. Don’t even SEND a dick pick via PM unless you have been asked. Don’t post booty/bulge threads.
2. Don’t “jokingly” ask for nudes. It’s not funny and makes people uncomfortable.
3. Treat others with respect. “What would Bernie do?” is a great motto to live by. This entails no harassing people over gender or sexual preference, race, or appearance. Support each other, we’re all Bernie lovers.
4. Move anything too steamy to PM. As much as we’re happy for you to get laid, let’s keep up with the theme of common decency. You know Bernie wouldn’t sext with Jane in public.
5. Don’t advertise your group or cause/fundraiser without permission first!
6. Don’t block admins. We can’t do our job if you do that. Also feel free to tag anyone on this list if you have issues in the group, feel attacked, etc.

This is all pretty obvious if you’re a decent human being but rules help clarify anything. We’re happy to give you one warning if you’re kind of being a nuisance, but that’s all you get. Now go find love!


Bernie Sanders’ Dank Meme Singles


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