Bonfire for Tinder

Bonfire for Tinder allows you to like 100s of people in under a minute!

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Bonfire for Tinder




Summary: Saves you time. Can see who liked you before you like them. Gives you the ability to filters out Tinder bots and friends of friends. Allows you to change location and use the Tinder "Super Like".



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Are you “swipe right happy?” Do you sometimes swerve off the road when swiping? Do you wish that you could know who likes you before you like them?

Well, there’s a new app out called Bonfire for Tinder and it literally does everything we mentioned above!

Bonfire is basically Tinder on steroids. But seriously, for all of you lazy people out there (hint: guys) you can now stop swiping one by one, and do one “Like all” Click! Can we get a hallelujah?!

Plus, you can actually see who likes you before you actually swipe right…This app does it all. And yes, you can even get in your limited “Super Likes” or change your location. Oh yea, and it filters out all those annoying Tinder bots…wanna see me on webcam? The app is free until you reach 100 likes. After that, the price tag is $10. If you really can’t stand the price, you could give them a glowing review on the app store, which upgrades you to the Pro version.

It’s kinda like shooting 20 three pointers hoping one finally goes in. You don’t have much to lose except for accidentally “swiping right” on your ex-girlfriend.

Want to like 100s of people in under a minute? Check out Bonfire for Tinder.





  • You can like 100s of people in less than a minute.
  • You can see who liked you before you like them.
  • Can still have the ability to “super like”.


  • Some bugs.
  • $10 price tag (but it really does the work for you).


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