What Does Their Favorite Game Tell You About Your Date’s Personality?

Dating and getting to know someone can be somewhat difficult nowadays, particularly when we consider how many leisure activities there are to choose from. Chances are when you’re trying to learn about your date they will list a couple of hobbies they enjoy, and since plenty of Americans now consider gaming to be one of their most popular pastimes, we thought we’d take a look at what favorite games say about your date’s personality.


Online Games



With such a vast selection of online games to choose from, the genre or title that your date chooses to play can really say a lot about them as a person. For instance, according to a study conducted at Oregon State University in 2012, typical slot machine players tend to be homeowners with a college education and an annual household income of over $55,000. Co-author of the study Sandy Chen further explains that slots players can belong to one of these four groups: “utilitarian, excitement, multipurpose and relaxation gambling seekers”.

So if you find your potential partner playing Fruit Machine or Quest For Fire on free spins no deposit uk sites like mFortune during their leisure time, chances are they are a stable, educated individual with a thrill-seeking nature and a dynamic array of interests. We don’t know about you but that seems like a great combination to us.


Board Games



Before there were online games, board games were a beloved source of entertainment for couples and families. Whilst board games may not be quite as popular as they were back in the 20th century, there are still some folks who revel in their charm. Take Oak Leaf Games, for example; they enjoy board games so much that they have identified five personality types and linked them to specific board game genres.

The site’s author, games designer Nat Levan, surmised that those who play games such as Settlers of Catan are probably competitive and tactical yet cautious and extremely patient. Conversely, people who love a good game of Cluedo tend to be good at problem solving and are likely to interact with others to achieve a goal. Board games can tell you a lot about how people live their lives and see others in their world, so you may want to ask your date what their favorite title is on your first encounter.


Card Games



When it comes to card games, few are as popular as poker. Plus, despite relying heavily on a player’s ability to remain unreadable, there are plenty of personality tells you can observe just by watching an individual play. Still, a team at the University of Helsinki decided to conduct research into the personalities of poker players to see if they really are that cool. Unsurprisingly the team, led my Michael Laakasuo, found that poker players are usually calm and collected individuals. Furthermore, they are hard to unnerve as they have “higher emotional stability” due to their game of choice.

Few studies have ever been conducted on the characteristics associated with other common card games, however some qualities can be assumed depending on which game your date prefers. For example, Solitaire players are probably introverts who enjoy time alone to recharge, whilst those who often invite friends round to play Rummy probably take pleasure in having company.

Hopefully, now you know what your date is really like depending on their favorite game. The next step is asking if you can get in on the fun and see what all the fuss is about.

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