Is My Ex on Tinder?

Ever wondered which of your friends use Tinder? Perhaps you have asked yourself, “is my ex on Tinder?”, but weren’t quite sure how to put your years of social media stalking to proper use. Never fear, the Tinder hack is here!

From my personal experience, I can confidently say that this hack is better than wanting to lock your phone when YouTube is playing (preach). Not only did the Tinder hack help me delve into the deep dark web to help answer my own insecurity, it unveiled many more unexpected findings. Findings that involved many of my Facebook friends.

Facebook friends that are in relationships.

The results were (comically) shocking. Those who came up were people that I know are in long-term relationships, or the ones that swore they would never jump on the Tinder bandwagon. If you’re not sure if your partner or ex is on Tinder and you decide to look, you better brace yourself. Personally, I suggest getting mildly boozed up beforehand and hurling your phone into deep bushland to reduce the risk of sending abusive messages.

Whilst you might be lucky to find out that your partner is being ever so faithful and truthful, you must be weary that there are ways to avoid being seen. But, you might actually have a faithful partner – an uncommon Gen Y trait that we can all adhere from. So, if you’re one of the lucky ones that haven’t found their beloved on the site, let’s have a little empathy for the people who know how to dodge the system. Or, perhaps they deserve a pat on the back for figuring it out (or a slap in the face – your call).

But what do you do if you’re in my position and you see your ‘ever so devoted’ friends’ partner on Tinder? I’ll just take my own advice, sit back and continue to be in the mildly boozed up state that I seem to idle at, and let nature take its course.

Finding out who is using Tinder is like the addiction to Tinder itself. If you’re on my Facebook list, and you haven’t had the (common) sense to disable yourself from being seen on Tinder, never fear, I’ve seen you.

I may not use Tinder, but this is the next best thing if you ask me. To all those who are now going to search whether their ex is on Tinder, don’t worry, I’m sure if you confronted these people, they would do their best to assure you that it was “just a joke.” After all, isn’t that the reason people go on Tinder in the first place?

This only works on desktop computers and tablets; not on phones. Give it a second to fully load all results!


Is My Ex on Tinder?



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