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While watching the television show, “The View”, I came across a mother who is a Jewish mom matchmaker and launched an online dating app called JMom. The app is for Jewish mom matchmakers for their children. I proceeded to go online and filled out the application for my son Zach. I began the process of sifting through all the Jewish girls from ages 20-25 years old.

The Jewish Mom Matchmaker

jmom jewish mom matchmaker

I wanted a real balebuste and a sheyna punim for Zach. A woman who loves animals, chose a healthy lifestyle, loves to exercise, motivated, funny, emotionally intelligent, and most of all extremely attractive.

While sifting through their profiles, I realized my expectations might have been too high. They looked nebishy. Either their parents did not represent their children well, or the candidates were not ideal for what I was looking for. I came across a few who possessed some of those qualities.

I spoke with one of the Jewish mothers. At first things were looking in the right direction. After a few conversations with the girl’s mom, it triggered my motherly instinct. I knew it would not complement Zach’s personality. In otherwards, I didn’t think she would make a good makhatanim.

After several conversations with moms, I passed off a few Jewish girls who I thought could potentially be a good fit for Zach. To my chagrin, none of them were a fit for him.

So, he said “Stop trying mom. Just let me be you for a day.”

I passed off my username and password and he took on my identity – the Jewish mother. It was then out of my hands.

Somewhere, somehow, someday…

Clearly, Jewish moms matchmakers may not always be able to choose the right date for their child. Maybe I have to find him a goyim.


Photos Courtesy of JMom & The Huffington Post

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