Top Online Dating Apps to Kickoff 2015

Top Online Dating Apps to Kickoff 2015




As the new year sets in. Our fans voted and below are the top 3 dating apps to start 2015, and one honorable mention.


Dating App Winners: Tinder, Hinge, OkCupid


Honorable Mention: Tools for Tinder



Tinder is the most addicting dating app on the list. Plus, there are a ton of people who use it. If you’re a college student, it’s a great way to meet new people from your school and even schools nearby. It’s also great for long car rides. You can swipe for hours. When traveling you can also hop on Tinder, and meet new dates from around the country and even the world.



  • Guy: A ton of hot girls.
  • Everyone you know is on it.
  • Everyone in your college is on it.
  • Girl: When going on a vacation, you can match with locals in the area “to show you around.”
  • Guy: When taking long road trips, you can connect with girls from new college campuses.
  • Can change radius and meet college girls outside your campus.
  • If you have a bad reputation, you can venture outside your campus and meet guys elsewhere.


  • Girl: Easy to mess around with guys. I don’t actually use it to meet guys.
  • Guy: When you match with your ex’s friends, it can be really awkward.
  • Guy: Can waste countless hours of your life.
  • No way of blocking multiple matches at once.
  • Can be dangerous while driving and taking long road trips.
  • No quick way to block someone.




Hinge takes the creepiness factor out of online dating. You can match with friends of friends. It is easy to use, and not as time consuming as Tinder or OkCupid. Everyday you get 15 matches potential matches. Unfortunately, it is only in a select number of cities, but you will get matched with some hot girls or guys. You will definitely not be disappointed. Surprisingly the girls are very willing to meet as well, even more so than Tinder.



  • Girl: A ton of hot guys.
  • Girl: I’m able to see guys who I have mutual friends with. It takes the creep factor out of it!
  • Guy: A ton of hot girls.
  • Basically Coffee Meets Bagel on steroids.
  • Have 15 new potential matches every day at noon.


  • Only available in major cities.




As opposed to Tinder, many people on OkCupid are looking to meet up and date. Unlike the other apps, OkCupid has a paid version called “A-List”. We recommend it. You can read more about its benefits here. In short, a 6 month package will cost you only $4.95 or you can opt for the 1 month for $9.95. Even if you don’t become an “A-list” member, you can still go on dates.



  • Guy: A ton of hot girls.
  • If you do subscribe to the premium account, as an A-List user (1 month packages start at $9.99), you can browse by attractiveness. Huge score when narrowing down the search results.
  • This site has numbers, so if you’re in a small city you will not be disappointed.
  • Nice search capabilities to find specific keywords.
  • We love the ability to see who joined in the last week. Often those are the people with the highest response rate.
  • Great mobile app.
  • You can use the site for free, and you will not be disappointed.


  • Girl: Sometimes I get 100 messages in one day!
  • Girl: So many creeps.
  • Girl: No way to set age restriction. (Don’t be surprised if a 40-year-old man messages you).
  • Low response rates for men.


tools for tinder


Are you “swipe right happy?” Do you sometimes get fatigued going through matches ever-so-slowly for 10-15 minutes? Is this sounding like a really cheesy medical advertisement geared towards senior citizens?

It might– but, we’ve got great news for you…

Recently a new app came out called Tools for Tinder. It is basically Tinder on steroids. But seriously, for all of you lazy people out there (hint: guys) you can now stop swiping through your Tinder results one by one and quickly view hundreds of matches in one gigantic list.

Oh, and did we mention the “Like all” button? Literally tap this puppy and boom you’ve swiped right on hundreds of girls (or guys) in seconds. This app does all the work for you.

It’s kinda like throwing a thousand darts at the board hoping one will hit the bullseye. You don’t have much to lose except for accidentally “swiping right” on your ex-girlfriends’ best friend.

You want to see everyone who likes you with little to no effort? Tools for Tinder.

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